Saturday, April 18, 2009


Just under two weeks and counting now. 2.0 in there routinely gives a good and vigorous outward boot on many an occasion. Baby's completely healthy and in position for launch, or so the docs say. Room's ready. Emergency plans for work are prepared. Pretty much everything is set, in fact.

....except that 2.0 isn't coming out yet. I'm actually discovering that THIS - the waiting - is by far the most difficult part of the whole experience since the first trimester. At work, phone rings, heart races. Anywhere, cell rings, pulse pounds. Is this it? Is it time? Are we going?

No. Someone needs to go to the office. Amy's just calling to tell me about her day. Which is all well and good, don't get me wrong, but geez. Imagine someone telling you that sometime very soon, you're going to win a whole LOT of money. Not a wee bit, mind you. A life-changing, jaw-dropping, you-thought-Susan-Boyle-was-a-shock-then-check-this-sized amount. You just don't know quite when. Soon. Very soon. In a week or two. Now.... continue your normal life please. Pretend all is well. Do not think unduly on it.

Yeah. RIGHT.

Because that's realistic. Honest. Fellas, gotta tell ya - when you're waiting to be a dad, WAITING can be the most unpleasant part. So I'm reading a lot, playing games a lot, trying to keep my mind occupied as much as possible, all while keeping one ear out for the blood-curdling shriek (those please dear lord maybe not QUITE that) that will signal the process has begun. The immediate effect of this is that I get bored and irritated with most of my hobbies really quickly, and I'm ping-ponging around like mad. Don't want to get any involved projects going, 'cause, y'know... could happen. Don't want to go anywhere particularly far away cause, y'know...could happen.

Eh. Can't make this post too long...


(Could happen.)

-MT out.


Amy said...

Hi Hubby. I'll try to work on not making a blood-curdling shriek when this whole process begins. Its not really my style anyway. I might swear though.
Love you. So glad to have gone through this process with you, and looking forward to years of parenting happiness and raising our family together. Love, The Ticking Timebomb

Amy said...

Oh the days or month leading up to the birth. My mother in law would jump every time I would call. My husband was okay. My baby came late and we were all there with no problems. I can't wait to see what happens with you guys.