Thursday, September 4, 2008


I have a lot of "bleh" on my mind at the moment. (Sure hope this isn't the first time you've read my blog, or you'll think I suck. Heh.)

I have a cold. It comes and goes in its symptoms, except for the being dog-tired one. Sleep a solid eight and I'm exhausted by noon. This annoys me.

One of our cats is freaking out and repeatedly crapping and peeing on Amy's beloved old family couch. We're pretty sure we know which one it is, but having to isolate him to confirm it will be a significant hassle. We're not sure if it's because we had a foster cat here for a few days - but he's been gone for five now - or if it's a reaction to what are undoubtedly Amy's rapidly changing pheromones. Either way, it's presenting a pretty serious problem, since for obvious reasons Amy can't go near the defecation herself. It may end up in us being short one cat. This does not amuse anyone.

Money's a tad tight this month. This normally wouldn't phase me in the least, but since I'm trying to figure out how exactly I can work and she can stay home in oh, say, 9 months... this is concerning me for the first time. Trying to be supportive, though, I have to act largely impassive, though I guess she'll just read it here and there goes my attempt at being her rock. Epic fail! \o/

Days like this pass like all others. I know this, and I'm not going to dramaqueen it and bemoan it forever. It is a pretty "bleh" experience, all told.

Dropping pounds before the kid is born - I swear to all that is in any way revered my child will NOT have a fat father - is also very difficult to do with cold/fatigue. This causes me to be annoyed, which probably isn't helping cure things.

Train of thought bleh-blog ended.

Could be worse, right? I could have wasted your time writing about politics.


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