Tuesday, September 16, 2008

The Quest For the Golden Placenta?

So I'm not exactly a social animal by nature. (Those of you who know me well are probably struck down with awe at the sheer understatement of that remark.) Never have been. I likes my small circle of friends, and that's just that.

Lately, though, I've been going against my traditional trend. Kinda weird. People stop to ask me about Amy's pregnancy, and instead of grumbling a very mundane reply like I do when people ask me how she's doing in general, I'm actually ....well....almost animated... in my replies about how she's doing, now. They make further commentary, and I even respond to it. A modern day male debutante am I. What's up with that?

I guess, despite my usually "Meh, whatever, life's not as big as the drama lets you think it is" I'm getting a tad caught up in this whole thing. It's a bit of an adventure, trying to come up with ways to feed an Amy with 1000 aversions, be there for her when she gets sick (Chunk O' Meter is at 3 now, by the way) and still keep my own affairs in order. Bit of an adventure? Hell. BIG adventure. Adventures need a good name, though, and I'm stuck for one. Quest for the Golden Fetus just seems odd - and kiddo ain't that big yet.

Dad tip o' the day: enjoy the ride. Like most adventures, it's a lot more fun in the telling than the living, but it may be one of the last times in your life you genuinely feel social - and people genuinely want to be social with YOU, not the wife.

Hmm...another adventure name thought...."Raiders of the Lost"....wait. Let's not go there. The implications would get me in trouble for a week.

Breakfast time.

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