Friday, September 5, 2008


Hmm. So I'm awake now the next morning and mildly displeased at the "woe is me" tone of the last blog post. Never having written a blog before, I'm not sure if I've just committed a faux pas in posting when clearly very tired and downtrodden or not. Definitely not in that mood now (it's amazing what eight hours of sleep and four hours of Eh. I'll let it stand, I guess. It's nothing untrue, but it definitely had a somewhat untypically-Jesse "glum" to it that I try and avoid.

Must chase down information on administration. Must figure out way to get paid more.

...must go to work.

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Matthew said...

I think you just got in touch with both your feminine and your livejournal sides at the same time. Now you just need to go paint your fingernails black and listen to The Cure :P