Monday, September 1, 2008

How the hell did I get HERE? (1 week later)

Yeah, so. Amy and I have been married for a year now, and okay, cool, the married thing has worked out really well so far. Amy's been wanting a kid for about a month and change now, and probably due to the biology that overcomes us all, I've started to get less and less leery about the idea. When she started "officially" trying to get things underway, she started taking her temperature and what not. (Which, by the way, is a really STRANGE thing to watch your wife do first thing in the morning.)

I guess that's where the term "in heat" comes from? Females of all races have a body temperature spike when they're ready for the ol' delivery? Neat stuff.

Yeah, so. I figure it takes most couples a buncha months, right? Figure I've got awhile yet before I need to start reading Dad books and what not. Turns out that apparently my equipment works just fine, because the first month she started doing the ol' temperature gauge, whadya know - we have a winnah!

In point of fact, I found out exactly one week ago today. Probably within an hour of this very time, in fact. I say that I found out, because I believed the test she took that night. She didn't find out until the next morning - she insisted the test from the night before was a false positive. (Truth be told, I was partially letting her convince me, for all the good that did.)

So the news became official at around 7:20 AM August 22, and, by the way, I'm a teacher - I had to somehow get it together enough in an hour and a half to face a classroom full of students that I had never even met before. Special bonus: this was the first day of the new school year.


I managed. Told Dakota first, in my usual semi-cryptic way. "Two pink lines," I told him. He didn't get it, just gave me a glassy-eyed stare. Told Cheryl next. "Well HELLO Mr.Potent!" was her response. Cheryl gets a big gold star for "most supportive and reassuring first response." Told a few other people throughout the day. I've since found out that you're actually not supposed to tell people right away, but meh - I've never done things the old fashioned way, and, well, I'm kinda keen on this whole dad thing, so I'm going to shout it from the rooftops and that's that. Random note: Girls tend to jump up and down a lot when you tell them this stuff. Guys tend to heave deep breaths and sigh. Interesting note if you consider it from a purely sexual standpoint, no? Heh, heh, heh.

So far it's a bit surreal. Life hasn't changed much, except that a lot of educating has been going on. Books about pregnancy. Books about pregnancy from the guy's point of view. Actually, that was a really crappy book that I put down after two chapters. It's still here on my desk, and it still annoys me just looking at it. The book basically says, "You are your wife's bitch for nine months. She can and will do ANYTHING and you have to shut up and take it. It's your fault she's in this mess, so suck it up and bend over!" Guy on the back cover is this little pencilneck twirp who looks like he got beat down repeatedly in highschool and college, and probably gets beat down by his wife regularly. She probably told him to write it, too. His kid's in the picture.

Kid looks like he's got a lot of beat downs ahead of him.

I don't buy it. I figure Amy's reasonable, and when she's not, I'm used to it and I'm reasonable, so we'll manage. I'm not going to be her bitch, and I don't think she would want me to be. I figure my life goes on, so does hers, we work together and we add one more life to the mix before too long.

So yeah. Gonna try to update this semi-often, maybe twice, thrice a week if I have anything to say. Dad-hood incoming in nine months.... in nine months, I'm repeatedly and often told that my life as I know it is over. We'll see.

Nine months to live, baby. Enjoy the ride.

Interesting thing about pregnancy I learned today:
Apparently women can have a "discharge" for several weeks after the kid is born, and it looks like something from a murder scene.

In the words of Rhonda: "Ew."

MT out.


Amy said...

I'm glad to know you are liking the book and I'm so glad you decided to blog about discharge. I second Rhonda's "ew." Love you!

Rhonda said...

Wow. I'm a celebrity! :P

I'm so happy for the two of you and can't wait to help spoil the little one as only an "aunt" can!


Stacey H said...

Ok Jesse, so you don't actually know me, but Amy knows me all too well. Anyhow, enjoying your blog... and congratulations! But I do have to warn you, that even fun-loving, rational, light-hearted, always happy, ever-go-lucky Amy that we all love will have some not so pretty, um, "irrational moments", lets just say, while she's pregnant... and possibly right after she's had the baby too. Just warning you!

Medieval Teacher said...

Amy? Be anything but sunshine and roses? I couldn't IMAGINE. :)